The Shop

We service your automotive needs using Certified Personnel and the best equipment the industry can offer.  Equipping our personnel with the best equipment so they can do a quality job.  This has a direct impact on your automobile investment and satisfaction. 

Equipment and Personnel

Certified Personnel
Over 75 years of experience with auto repair and 14,000 square feet of well maintained shop area we are ready to take care of your car. In addition, we have secure underground garage space for storing your fine automobile.
Frame Racks
The perfect tool for precisely correcting automobile frame damage. Our frame rack is a universal dedicated frame measurement system that will accommodate any vehicle, in order to bring the frame back to factory specifications.   This is a significant advantage over other frame machines that may need additional jigs and measuring tools. This is the industries most reliable frame rack system that can fix and repair any vehicle manufactured within the last 30 years.
WelBilt Paint Booths & Sata® Paint equipment
The WelBilt Series paint booth provides a conventional quality. It is an insulated downdraft booth that controls air flow and lighting.  
The Sata HVLP series of paint equipment and spray guns are hands-down the best at laying clear and smooth coats of paint. 
PPG® Paint Mixing System
We are a PPG Certified Refinish Center. PPG is backed throughout North America and your warranty takes effect the moment we return your automobile.
Mig® Welders
Factory specific tools for correcting any type of body damage.


  • 14,000 square feet -- all of which is covered and secure
  • One independent lift bay -- used for inspection and access
  • $1,000,000 Liability Insurance